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Polypodium Leucotomos

HELSINT S.A.L. owns a plantation of Polypodium leucotomos ferns in their installations in the Republic of Honduras. This plantation consists of a pure monoculture managed under the strictest quality standards and with the utmost respect for Biodiversity. HELSINT S.A.L. has for years been developing a reproduction system based on the best specimens of our ferns through spore germination in our pure monocultures.

Scientific studies and PhD theses on Polypodium leucotomos in Universities such as Uppsala (Sweden), Massachusetts (USA) and Granada (Spain) have proven its immunological and protective capacities, confirming its strengthening effect on the Langerhans cells, responsible for the immunity of human skin.

Polypodium leucotomos

PUVA treatment constitutes a powerful weapon against psoriasis although it is not free from side effects. Recently there has been evidence of the antioxidant and immune-modulator properties of the Polypodium leucotomos extract. These discoveries have appraised its therapeutic efficiency as an adjuvant to photo chemotherapy with psoralens in the treatment of common psoriasis. In addition, Polypodium leucotomos has been effective when treating skin illnesses such as psoriasis combined with PUVA treatment in patients suffering from vitiligo. Recently photo-protective properties induced by PUVA have been observed when dealing with solar burns and phototoxic reactions. In this respect, an antioxidant and inhibiting capacity of the lipid peroxidation has been observed.

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Recent studies at Rovira i Virgili University have led to a very relevant PhD thesis entitled “Effects of the Polypodium leucotomos extract on tumorigenesis induced by UVA treatment” marking significant progress on the therapeutic possibilities of Polypodium leucotomos.