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Phlebodium Decumanum

HELSINT S.A.L. owns a plantation of Phlebodium decumanum ferns in their installations in the Republic of Honduras. This plantation is a pure monoculture managed under the strictest quality standards and with total respect for Biodiversity. HELSINT S.A.L. has for years been developing a reproduction system based on the best specimens of our ferns through spore germination in our pure monocultures.

There are a variety of scientific works and PhD theses which prove that formulations based on the variety of Phlebodium decumanum, organically processed in the installations owned by HELSINT S.A.L in Yojoa Lake, could be of great value in increasing the quality of life and prevent illnesses when immune dysfunction prevails and is related to an overproduction of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

The Phlebodium decumanum extract EXPLY-37® meets the current requirements of functional or neutriceutc food owing to the combination of its nutritional effect with the beneficial action of the homeostasis of the pro-inflammatory cytokines, and for its activity on one or more specific functions of the organism: Reversal of the immune dysfunction involved in the Overtraining syndrome.

Different formulations containing the purified, water-soluble, customized fraction of the fronds of Phlebodium decumanum, registered and patented as EXPLY-37®, have been developed and used as nutritional supplements.

The Phlebodium decumanum extract has proven to be active in preventing and reversing the Overtraining syndrome in athletes and people who do regular physical exercise as well as in decreasing periods of recovery time in sport injuries (muscle sinew tears, sprains, loss of physical performance, etc.)

Phlebodium Decumanum extract is also used on people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS or fibromyalgia, to diminish fatigue and associated pain. To this end, in conjunction with the Spanish firm INFISPORT specialized in sport dietetics, the nutritional complement EXPLIVAR® has been created as a product aimed at the development of physical activity and scientific nutrition applied to sport and health.

Sports performance, oxidative metabolism and immune function:
Effects of Phlebodium decumanum (EXPLY-37®).

De Teresa, C., Alcaide A., Huertas J.R., Fresno M. ( Andalusian Centre For Sports Medicine, Granada and Centre for Molecular Biology Severo Ochoa, Universidad Autónoma, Madrid) II Congress of the European Federation of Sports Medicine.

Abstract: TCycling is a sport characterized by special energy requirements due to the high competition demands: daily, high energy expenditure stages for 1 to 3 weeks without sufficient recovery periods.

The effectiveness of these formulations must be related to the properties of the Phlebodium decumanum extract, in the modulation of the liberation of certain pro-inflammatory citokines such as TNF, as explained in the work carried out at the Centre for Molecular Biology Severo Ochoa titled “In vitro anti-inflammatory activity of Phlebodium decumanum. Modulation of tumor necrosis factor and soluble TNF receptors”.

This work triggered a research and develoment programme financed by HELSINT S.A.L, which entailed all the bio-medical research done about the products obtained from the Phlebodium decumanum fern known as EXPLY-37®:

In addition, Phlebodium Decumanum has proved to be beneficial to people with sedentary lives.

Phlebodium decumanum